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Windshield Repair & Replacement

Automotive Windshield Repair & Replacement in Bakersfield, CA

We provide certified windshield repair and replacement services. We repair minor windshield damages using a specialized protocol and replace windshields with severe damages. Knowing whether our windshield qualifies for repair or requires replacement involves an inspection from a certified technician. Continue learning about windshield damage inspection, repair, and replacement. Contact us for a windshield inspection and service estimate at Motor City Collision Repair Center in Bakersfield, serving Lamont, Rosedale, and Seven Oaks, CA

Why We Recommend Prompt Windshield Repair

Leading automakers like Lexus and General Motors recommend prompt windshield repairs because glass damage compromises visibility and structural integrity relative to safety. Minor glass cracks grow as the windshield expands and contracts with changing temperatures. We apply repairs for minor damages, so waiting until later might end with needing a total windshield replacement versus qualifying for a less costly repair.

Windshield Inspection

We perform a thorough yet quick inspection to determine whether the damage qualifies for repair or requires total replacement. A certified technician with specialized training and substantial direct experience assesses the damage severity with measurements as needed to formulate the ideal repair or replacement intervention.

Windshield Repair

We repair minor windshield chipping and cracking. Windshield repair involves a certified technician cleaning and prepping the damaged area, injecting a specialized resin into the area with damage, drilling if needed, heating, and curing. Curing takes approximately 30 minutes. Windshield repair restores the pre-damage transparency/visibility and structural integrity. 

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is necessary for more severe glass damages not qualified for repair. We perform windshield replacement services by installing genuine OEM glass matching the original’s dimensions and structural integrity. Windshield replacement involves a certified technician removing the old windshield, prepping the body, and installing a genuine OEM windshield to factory specifications. 

Get a Windshield Inspection & Repair Estimate at Motor City Collision Repair Center

We invite you to begin the windshield service process with an inspection and repair estimate. Submit the online Estimate Request form at your convenience or call the collision center when open. We have knowledgeable advisors ready to answer questions and schedule your windshield repair estimate at the earliest opportunity.

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