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Fender Repairs & Services

Automobile Fender Repairs & Services in Bakersfield, CA

We provide local motorists with certified fender repairs and services. Our certified technicians have extensive hands-on experience restoring fenders to pre-accident contour/appearance, structural integrity, and functionality. We perform fender repair services in a state-of-the-art facility furnished with factory-authorized equipment. We only install genuine OEM auto body panels for more severe damages requiring fender replacement. Continue learning about the importance of repairing fender damage and our certified fender repair services. Don’t forget we complete world-class fender repair services for all makes and models! Contact us to arrange your fender repair estimate at Motor City Collision Repair Center in Bakersfield, CA. 

Why Repair Fender Damage?

Fenders serve essential aesthetic and protection functions – necessary for curb appeal and obstructing road debris from striking the body. Damaged fenders have an unsightly appearance that decreases resale value and poor structural integrity for protection. We consider fender repair an investment in curb appeal, protection, and resale value. Contact us today for a fender repair estimate at Motor City Collision Repair Center in Bakersfield, CA.  

Certified Fender Repairs & Services, Near Lamont, Rosedale, and Seven Oaks, CA

We perform fender repair services to restore the pre-accident appearance and structural integrity. We assess the damage and apply the least invasive technique to achieve these goals. Painless dent repair might be the best intervention for minor fender dents with paint intact. We repair more severe fender dents with damaged paint using standard dent repair and painting. The most severe fender dents require panel replacement, which we complete by installing genuine OEM panels meeting factory specifications and painting with Sikkens paint. Contact us for an estimate to determine the certified fender repair service your vehicle needs at Motor City Collision Repair Center in Bakersfield, CA. 

Get a Fender Repair Estimate at Motor City Collision Repair Center

Customers begin the fender repair process with an estimate yielding the essential details. Arrange your fender repair estimate by submitting the online Estimate Request form or calling during regular business hours. We aim for quick estimate completion, approvals, and scheduling fender repair services at the earliest opportunity.

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